South Fork’s 255 miles of groomed trails are perfect for those looking for a bit more seed, with endless off-trail opportunities on wide-open ridges, with rolling parks as well as steep climbs. Experience some of Colorado’s most scenic winter views at 12,000+ feet — you won’t forget it.

PB1 - Willow Park/Del Norte Peak

Elevation: 12,400 ft

Featuring vast parks and valleys and abundant wildlife, perfect for recreation. Site has restroom and picnic tables. Connects to PB2-Beaver Creek/Cross Creek

PB2 - Beaver Creek/Cross Creek

Elevation: 11,500 ft

Parking available at end of reservoir, with restrooms. 23 mile loop possible on FSR 359 for experienced riders only. Connects
with PB1 on a 90 mile loop.

PB3 - Fox Mountain/Park Creek Road

Elevation: 11,530 ft

Trailhead located 3 miles up Park Creek Rd. 380. Eight-mile trail featuring large meadows, return on same route.

PB4 - Pass Creek/Tucker Ponds

Elevation: 11,380 ft

13-mile trail featuring meadow at 7 miles. Several ungroomed side trails, after the largest meadow at mile 7, the final six miles features steep side hills not for beginners. Cross Country Skiing recommended.

PB5 - Big Meadows

Elevation: 11,600 ft

Parking available off highway. First stop at lake on mile 2, with good ice fishing, and then mostly trails for the next 13 miles, with side trails and a couple meadows. Cross Country Skiing also recommended.


Parking depends upon weather/snow conditions. Numerous trails and meadows for riding at the top.


Short trail located between ST 610 and ST-612. Several places along trail for practicing jumps.


Connection trail between ST-610 and ST-611.


Connecting trail between ST-630 and ST- 611, riding available at park at the west end.


Unload on FS gate, or trailers up 2 more miles on Elk Park. Follow trail 6 miles to 4-way junction, take trail on your left to reach Blowout Pass, and up to Bennett Peak for high marking.


Parking variable down low or up to Aqua Ramon radio tower. Rincon Ridge at top of trail has many play areas.


Connecting trail between ST-610 and ST-630 with many play areas.